Zimbabwe March 2013

Zimbabwe :         March  10 - 21,  2013



On March 10, 2013, a group of four men departed the Indianapolis International Airport flying to the city of Harare, Zimbabwe.   Serving God in this Country was an amazing ministry experience.   Our Missionary Team found the people in this Country to be as gracious and hospitable as anywhere we had traveled.  The 19,000 mile round trip was well worth the time, money, and separation from our Families.  God truly blessed His Word during this eleven day trip.


 We focused our efforts mainly in two cities: Harare and Mufokase.  Harare, the Capitol city, has a population of over two million.   We traveled with Pastor Bernard,  Pastor Moses,  Pastor Michael, and Pastor Samson.   Each Preacher had a DEEP love for Jesus Christ and a loving Church Family.         


 The highlights were the nearly 170 souls which responded and placed their faith in Jesus Christ.   The alters were absolutely full during each preaching session.  I mention this only to point out how God had prepared hearts for this trip and that He had used His Pastors in Zimbabwe to prepare hearts prior to our arrival.   Our attitude was, and remains:     John 15:5:  Without me (Jesus) ye can do NOTHING!" 


Another highlight was after the Sunday morning service, Pastor Bernard asked me to lead his Church in evangelism (soul-winning).   I wholeheartedly agreed.   I said tell me when you want me to teach this subject.  He said, "right now."   I said, "Okay, get everyone back in the pews and I will teach them evangelism right now."   "Oh no", he replied.   "I want you to take my entire Church out onto the streets of Mufokase and teach them what you taught the other pastors and myself on How to evangelize the Unsaved."   I was so thrilled to see the ENTIRE Church following me.  To God be the glory, with-in 15 minutes we, (the ENTIRE Church and I), had the opportunity to win a man to Jesus Christ!   




Pastor Jim Kilgore


 I Cor. 7:29:  "The Time IS Short"    

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