Testimonials from Pastors


                                                               Testimonials from Christians


Pastor in Monticello



     It was a great joy to have Missionary Evangelist Jim Kilgore lead our Church in our annual week of Revival meetings.  Each year we experience Limited Results.       Not so This year!


     We saw DOZENS getting saved, with many coming to Jesus Christ during each service!  The altar was FLOODED each night with Christians praying for themselves as well as for the Lost.   The Final night of revival saw over a hundred Christians responding to the message, while 34 unsaved people responded for salvation.  This is even more amazing as this is a Church where the altars are rarely used.


   Brother Kilgore's messages were Biblical and saturated with Scripture.    He used word pictures that painted the imagery of Scripture and got the point across which STILL resonates with our people!


  Jim went soul-winning during the day and even won an 87 year old Lady to Christ.   He continues to follow up with myself, and different Church Members.


   I would highly recommend JimKilgoreMinistries to conduct Revival meetings in your Church as well.  Our Church has responded in the desire to support him as a Missionary of our Church to win the Lost in his International ministry.



Pastor Chris Dodson




Pastor in Puebla, Mexico

I would like to recommend Bro. Jim Kilgore to any foreign missionary or pastor. I am sure he will have such an affect on your church, that it will not be forgotten.


When Bro. Jim came to our church here in Puebla, Mexico, I saw a man of God that had a burning desire to win souls. His enthusiasm spread to the people of our church and people began to witness and pass out tracts like never before. His words of wisdom helped our people and especially me.


I don’t know that I have ever met another man with a zeal for God as Bro. Jim.


He adapted very well to our people and culture. I feel that he added an insurmountable value to our church and my ministry personally. I found a great friend in Bro. Jim, and I appreciate his willingness to be used of God. He adds value everywhere he goes as is his desire.


I not only recommend him, I encourage you to invite him to your church or ministry wherever it may be and I believe he will be a great blessing to you and your church.

Pastor Timothy Aguiar
Grace Baptist Church, Puebla, MEX




Comments from a Soul-winner in Mexico


I met Pastor Jim Kilgore when he came to my Country of Mexico in March of 2013.  Upon meeting him,  the first thing he told me was:  “I’m here to serve you and this whole Church” and this touched my heart.   It was the work of Jesus Christ in his life and he was shining with his light.


He served our church for a week:  preaching, passing out tracks, smiling, encouraging, teaching us how to evangelize, being kind, offering his friendship and himself, and praying on his knees and with his soul.     He was a real example of the love of God.  He showed us his sincere heart and I could see how he loved the lost souls and cared about them.



I had the chance to go with him and another brother to evangelize the streets of the town where I live and he taught me how to win Souls to Jesus Christ.      He offered me suggestions on soul-winning:   be kind,  respect everyonePresent Jesus, but never Push the unsaved person;  memorize a lot of  Bible verses,  look at their eyes and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.


He told me  “Passing tracks is not something that you do once a week or just once in life but it’s something that you do every day” and he lived those words.    Every time we met people at the streets he smiled,  passed a track, and explained the plan of salvation.   He lives with a deep desire to reach people with the Gospel of Christ “Every time, every day, and every person”

Vania Torres Román

Puebla, Mexico



                                                                                               Testimonials from Pastors


    I found it most helpful  when you preached from the Book of Nehemiah 1, which was an inspirational message on Evangelism (Soul winning) and then you demonstrated it after preaching, when you took  75 of our Church members and went out with them for personal witnessing (that is one on one evangelism). We thank God for the 152 souls which were saved in such a short time!

   It was a personal challenge to me as the Pastor of my Church.  Jesus came to save the world, and to that end He died, but on His way to the cross He concentrated His life on making a few disciples. These men were taught to do the same until through the process of reproduction the gospel of the kingdom would reach to the ends of the earth.


   Thanks Brother Kilgore, the call to evangelize is now burning in our Church.


Pastor Bernard Katiyo,    Mufokase,  Zimbabwe

    Your trip to Zimbabwe was an eye opener to us in the field of EVANGELISM. We are still having some testimonies as it relates especially to the Church Pastor Kilgore preached and demonstrated the power of evangelizing.


   Also when Pastor Kilgore  preached at our Big-Sunday, of our combined Churches, it brought a new dimension to the Church of Jesus to save and rekindle the purpose of its existence to preach the Word :    Mark 16:15.  

We thank God for the bond God has made between us. God bless.


Pastor Samson Zaza,      Mufokase, Zimbabwe




    The DAILY soul-winning during Pastor Kilgore’s time here was a great blessing to our Churches.   Personally, I was deeply challenged by your boldness to witness and preach, especially during the referendum election.

   Your preaching made a great impact to both Pastors and church members alike.  As I have said before, I have seen groups of Christians doing street witnessing around the community. That was a result of the seed you have planted when you preached at Church that evening.  


   After your Team left, we had an evaluation of your visit to Zimbabwe.  I can tell you what EVERY Pastor said after your preached from Matthew 5:4:  “  Blessed are they that Mourn.”    “We all agreed that  we Pastors as well as our Church  needs to mourn for not only our sins, but for lost souls all over the world.”

   Thank you for being obedient to the voice of God. The response to your time in Africa, I can say it was very fruitful from what I have seen and heard from the people here.   May HE be glorified for enabling you to come to Zimbabwe.


Pastor Moses Thomas,     Harare, Zimbabwe




   Missionary Evangelist and Soul-winner, Jim Kilgore has preached  several meetings  and one soul winning conference at my Church. I have the privilege of witnessing his ministry on a personal basis.  

    It has been a great joy to be under his ministry; our people have been very encouraged to practice his methods of soul winning.  With this in mind, some of our people went soul-winning and were able to lead souls to Christ. They had never done so prior to the soul-winning meeting.   They returned to Church with much enthusiasm!

   On a personal note,  Brother Kilgore has been a big encouragement to me personally as Pastor.  He has encouraged my leadership amongst our people,  placing with-in them the desire to follow my leadership and he definitely uplifted me as their Pastor.


   I would encourage you to use this great man of God.         

Pastor Philip M. Price

Lighthouse Baptist Church...Dennison, Illinois





   I am Pastor Harold DAVIS at Emmanuel Baptist Church. 

   We had Brother Jim Kilgore come and do our soul winning Conference.  I will recommend him and am looking forward to working with him to see more souls saved.   He was a blessing, and if you have any questions, please fill free to call me anytime.

  We had Pastor Kilgore for a three day meeting on Soul-winning in our Church.   We had 5 come down the aisle on Friday and 2 more after he left.   God has been so good and Brother Kilgore will be a blessing to you and your church.

Rev. Harold  Davis