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Christian Leadership Series

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Topics in this series include:

  • A Leader’s Job is To PROVIDE H.O.P.E.

  • Seven Absolutely Critical Qualities to Search for in the Selection of Potential Leaders.

  • How Any Preacher Can Develop Godly Leadership in their Church. 

  • Mentoring: What is a Mentor and How Can I Effectively Mentor Those on my Team or in my Church?

  • Coaching with Success: Steps to Improve Performance of those on Your Team.

  • Cautions of A Leader.

  • Maintaining Your Leadership FocusPaul said,  “This one thing I do.”

    Many Pastors have so many tasks that it is easy to lose their main focus. 

    This study will deal with several Principles to keep your Ship Sailing in the right direction.

  • Vision: How to Create, Cast, and Communicate a Clear and Consistent Message.

  3.    A Forgiven Person Is To Be A Forgiving Person    $10 (USD)

  4.    Daily Bible Study Guide:  Gift of $1.50  (I will email this to you)