Ministry Messages

1.           Jim Kilgore Ministries is now scheduling meetings in Florida.  

                  If you would be interested in having us present our ministry to your Church, please email me at                                                                                                


2.           If you have not yet become a weekly subscriber to our “VALUES” article, you may do so by clicking

             VALUES Article Subscription.   

3.          We are currently praying and planning for our Missionary Journeys for 2018.  
             We believe the Lord is leading us to evangelize and start Churches in two Countries in Africa,  India,  
             Hong Kong, Taiwan,  and the Philippines.  
            I would ask that you would pray for wisdom and doors of opportunity as we seek to finalize these plans.

4.          If you would like to INVEST in this soul-winning ministry, you may contribute by clicking on this link

            "Investing in Souls around the World."