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I  just returned from my Missionary journey which took me to the Philippine Islands.  I was privileged to preach on four different Islands:  Bohol, Cebu City, Dumanguete, and Luzon.  I also had the privilege of preaching at the Hyles/Anderson College in Dumanguete. 

Highlights on this Expedition

·         We were able to win 756 people to Jesus in the Philippines.

·         I lost count of the number of baptisms in the Churches and in the Bohol Sea.  MANY!

·         We saw 163 men and women, under the age of 30 respond to full-time Ministry.

·         On November 17th, two Churches were established and held their first service.    Calvary Baptist Church had 307 in its FIRST Church service, ALL from those saved in Inabanga.  This Church was named after my sending Church, Calvary Baptist Church of Crawfordsville, Indiana, where Randy Glenn is the pastor.  

·         Also on November 17th, Hope Baptist Church was started in a Village of 100 people, Catigbian.  We had preached there and saw 24 adults respond to the invitation and got saved.  We had 27 present during the first service.  We started a Church here because the need was there.          


·         On December 8th, the 20th anniversary of my Sending Church, will also be celebrating the birth of a third Church, named after a very dear Church to me, the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lebanon, Indiana, which is pastored by Merv McNair.   So we honor Pastor McNair’s Mission’s-minded Church by naming this third Church after their own Church, Lighthouse Baptist Church!     The Church we start in Nigeria in January will be named after another Church which prays DAILY for this ministry.

·         A highlight for me was to be able to establish a team of Filipino Preachers to help JKM win souls and start Churches through-out Asia.  We will have weekly Skype calls every Monday night at 7pm.

·         Another highlight for me was to be able to preach in a most amazing Church, the famous Bible Baptist Church of Cebu City.  The pastor, Dr. Army Jasalva, has pastored there for 37 years and his ministry has won more souls that anyone in history, at 3.8 million.  He is now 81 years old and reminds me of the tender spirit of Dr. John R. Rice.   

·         Our ministry was able to raise enough money to build a parsonage, which should be completed by November 30, 2013.

·         We were able to raise enough money to replace the roof of a godly pastor’s Church which was blown off during the Typhoon.

·         I went through two typhoons, one being the typhoon Yolanda, and one earthquake. 

·         I wish to thank a FEW, of the many Preachers that I preached for or went soul-winning with.

         Our ministry, JKM will be going back for 8 weeks in October and November of 2014.     Our Objectives will be to:

·         Win 1,500 souls

·         Start 5 Churches from those saved

·         Conduct the “First Annual Soul-winning and Church-Planting Conference” at Dr. Jasalva’s Church in Cebu City during the Last week of October.

·         Revisit the 3 Churches established from this missionary journey.

·         Strategically plan with the JKM Team Asia Partners for further expansion into other Asian Countries.